Nine beautiful books to offer for Christmas

Cinema, art, photography, history or travel diaries… Here are nine beautiful books to slip under the tree to finish in beauty this slightly raspy year 2020.

The book remains the favorite gift of the French at Christmas, from the emblematic figure of the bull to the last voyage of Hugo Pratt, through the tender and empathetic gaze of the photographer Marc Riboud on the East or The Metamorphoses of Ovid illustrated by the baroque painting ...The editorial staff of franceinfo Culture offers a selection of nine magnificent works to slip under the tree.

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"The Bull, a cultural history", by Michel Pastoureau

After being interested in the pig, the bear, the wolf, the medievalist historian specializing in Western symbolism and the history of colors is this time looking at this "ambivalent" animal that is the bull, a figure whose have seized men from the beginning, we can find traces of it on the walls of caves.Domesticated for eight millennia, his strength and his power made him a God for many peoples in Antiquity.Christians fought him and relegated to prefer beef, less worrying ...From prehistory to modern art, via Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Michel Pastoureau provides us with an impressive amount of information, which feeds a fascinating reflection on this animal with a story full of twists and turns.A very beautiful iconography beautifully embellishes this book loaded with meaning.(Threshold - Collection Beaux Livres, 190 x 240 mm 160 pages, € 19.90)

Co-opening of the book "Le Taureau, une histoire culturelle", by Michel Pastoureau, 2020 (EDITIONS DU SEUIL)

Posted Date: 2020-12-12

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