Cindy Sherman, Sabine Weiss, Victor Hugo… Ten beautiful books to offer for Christmas

Posted December 21, 2020 at 2:01 p.m.- Updated December 21, 2020 at 4:15 p.m.

In the absence of offering a subscription to a museum or an exhibition visit, of which we do not know when one or the other could be honored, there remains the option of slipping a beautiful catalog under the tree.

Do you miss the exhibitions? Do you dream of strolling again in the aisles of a museum, of forgetting yourself in the contemplation of an eternal work, of getting annoyed by an aesthetic bias? Of course, you still have the option of making virtual tours, but after long days of telecommuting, when your eyes are tired by the abundance of screens, nothing beats the pleasure of leafing through a beautiful book.

Photo, painting, art brut, drawing ...we have selected ten quality works, where the visual arts are elegantly discovered, while waiting for the reopening of museums.

"What do you see, sir? "

On an air both serious and playful, this book offers a meticulous analysis of the altarpiece entitled The Coronation of the Virgin, created by Enguerrand Quarton (French painter and illuminator of the late Middle Ages, some of whose paintings are among the first masterpieces work of the 15th century and contrast with Italian or Flemish painting) Serious because the detailed analysis of this painting has fascinated Pierre Parsus (born June 6, 1921 in Paris) since the summer of 1973 and his exhibition at the Hospice de Villeneuve- lès-Avignon and he never ceases to decipher its esoteric content and to question the part of mysticism that emanates from it.Ludic because the reader browses the book in search of an enigma: to transcend appearance to reach light, knowledge, knowledge, this ultimate quest which gives meaning to what would have remained buried, hidden, invisible.It is in 2016 that Pierre Parsus will produce 50 plates representing his esoteric discoveries on the altarpiece: the pictorial part is enriched of 44 color reproductions of the painter's works (sketches, studies, large finished canvases, all inspired by the flamboyant symbolism of this work).And the artist concludes: "The flash of light like a lightning stroke, me" snatched a eureka! As we were at the table, Lucette jumped, I apologized: “Have no fear… it's wonderful!” "

Posted Date: 2021-01-16

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